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Within Marche Region Security and Civil Protection Department, Centro Funzionale manages the regional meteorological and hydrological monitoring network (SIRMIP). SIRMIP is composed of a mechanical (RM) and a telemetric (RT) sensing system.

Since 1916 RM consists of temperature sensors and rain gauges whose number, period of operation and position have changed during years; temperature sensors were always about 20, whereas the number of rain gauges decreased from about 150 during 1950s to 90 in 2000.

Until 2001, RM was managed by the Italian Hydrographic Department and Maritime Service (SIMN); complying with Regional Law no. 2748/2001, from 2002 Marche Region Security and Civil Protection Department was instructed to perform SIMN tasks. Implementing the program for expanding regional meteorological and hydrological monitoring networks (Italian Law no. 267/1998), since 2000 Marche Region financed and developed a telemetric sensing system. In March 2009 RT had 53 thermometers, 77 rain and 13 wind gauges, 15 atmospheric pressure sensors, 30 relative humidity, 16 solar irradiance and 7 snow-level sensors. There were also 70 ultrasound water-level sensors, most of them equipped with a staff gauge for the water-level calibration. Starting from year 2005, the stage-discharge relationship related to 8 hydrometric sections have been estimated and yearly updated.

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Temperature, rain, hydrometric level (and discharge if a stage-discharge relationship is defined), atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, solar irradiance, wind direction and speed and snow level data are available.

SIRMIP on-line offers two data types: original and validated data; the former represent data as measured by the sensor without any verification, whereas validated data have undergone to an automated check but they are not official. The data present in the System can undergo variations during revision and validation processes. Most elaborations related to temperature, rainfall and hydrometric level data published by Marche Region on the Annual Hydrological Reports part I and II can be downloaded from the System.
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